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A day watching planes and meeting brave people…

Leave taken, bag and tent packed, pick up my mate Olly and head for Culdrose Air day. Olly is my very good friend Sgt Olly Tayler from #TheHonestTruth road safety initiative as well as a Traffic Sgt who I have known for the past 20 years. After several fatals attended in the past 3 days, Olly and I needed this break. His brother used to be an instructor there and we may have blagged a flight in the Merlin some years back. He had to spoil everything by flying for the New Zealand Air Ambulance now, however fortunately there were several good contacts from those days still!

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Seat Belts – Any of my business?

Q – Haven’t you got anything better to do?

A – At this point in time  Sir, No.

Q – Why don’t you arrest some Murderers and rapists instead of picking on innocent motorists such as myself?

A  –  If you know of where any are Sir, I will get on to it straight away, however there are far more people killed through Road Collisions every year than there are murdered, so where do you think my time is best spent at the moment?

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Stop Search By Police – Abuse Of Power?


‘Police Search Hundreds Of Children’ gives the impression of 7 year olds being spun outside their primary schools, hands and feet spread with police dogs snarling on strained leashes.  In fact, I have looked up at several 6’4″ ‘Children’ at 4 in the morning  just after a street fight involving serious injuries. The devils in the detail.

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