Stop Search By Police – Abuse Of Power?


‘Police Search Hundreds Of Children’ gives the impression of 7 year olds being spun outside their primary schools, hands and feet spread with police dogs snarling on strained leashes.  In fact, I have looked up at several 6’4″ ‘Children’ at 4 in the morning  just after a street fight involving serious injuries. The devils in the detail.

Contrary to popular believe, I don’t love thrusting my hands into stinking pockets of dirty tissues, cultures of bacteria, and potentially used needles  whilst chatting with an argumentative young man with 52 pages of convictions on his record accusing me of harassing him.  I search people, when the circumstances show it is pretty likely they are up to no good, but I have to evidence why I think that.  I have to follow the law, and account for my thinking and reasons for that check and document it in detail.

Police abuses attract media attention quite rightly as we police by consent and are accountable, but it’s not exciting  for the media to put failures by the police into proportion. It’s rare, but unfortunately the public can start to think it’s epidemic with only the bad news being portrayed.  We are ordinary people who do quite an extraordinary job.  Officers I work with want to do a good days work, and go home to their families being proud of the job they do.  I wouldn’t be a police officer if we targeted and persecuted people to show we were powerful.  I would be ashamed of it.  I’m not, I’m proud of it, and the people within it. #JustSaying


6 thoughts on “Stop Search By Police – Abuse Of Power?

  1. So how do you reply to the young man who was constantly stopped by police officers , walking home at night from work.Who has never been arrested or committed a crime,who felt hulimated and abused.# just replying


    1. This is such an open question Barrie. I’ll never say this didn’t happen, but often stops are less than reported by the individual third hand, often not the police around to do so much continuous stopping. When stopped, did the individual become argumentative to police raising their suspicion? All these things I’ve experienced, I can also see it more likely he is stopped if walking through areas at 3 in the morning with a ruck sack, but so do our burglars. Thank you for your reply,


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