A Very Sneaky Police Operation in Torbay

We had a day of overlap today for training or an operation. I took my Section of 2 double crewed cars to Torbay and I acted as spotter whilst they pulled them in. I know, hardly cricket when picking out people on their mobile phones as it is like casting a large net and pulling in a hall of very naughty people. With 3 points and £100 fine, it’s worth thinking about getting a good hands free for your phone because the selected few who don’t get caught often ended up with huge spinal injuries, a punctured lung, a permanent disability or sometimes if you are lucky, death.

Of course you could be very lucky and get away without any penalty both financially and physically, except for a ‘death by dangerous’ charge that carries an average 3 years in prison and a cherry on top of an ever so slightly guilty conscience to even the most hardened offender. Remember good people out there, as the great majority of you are, don’t think it won’t happen to you just this once, it can, and it most likely will. ‪#‎MyRedThumb‬‪#‎TheHonestTruth‬


(This driver is within 2 years of passing his test. He will now have 3 points. If he gets another ticket, he will have to do his entire test again, including theory)


One thought on “A Very Sneaky Police Operation in Torbay

  1. To say that someone would be lucky to die rather than suffer a serious or even life changing injury is a bit of a cuntish statement given the message you’re trying to portray. I challenge you to present it to someone who has suffered just such an injury; an injured veteran or Martyn Ashton…


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