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Should the Police listen to the critics?

I said to my plumber the other day, ‘mate, you really shouldn’t be doing it like that, why don’t you use a 22mm pipe for that, not a 15mm pipe?’  That was before I pulled up the reporter saying, ‘Hey, you should be using less adjectives to give your text more form’, and I’m sure the road worker appreciated me stopping my car and pulling the back of his trousers up, advising him, ‘There you go, keep the chill out old boy, and not sure you have used enough tarmac there either’.

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My View On Modern Policing

I joined the job 25 years ago.  I remember every week being told how young the police are now a days!  I was young.  I got in at 21, when the average age or my recruitment was 35 years old!  Devon and Cornwall liked someone who had been there, seen it, done it. Wise. I have loved this Force, and with ending up in armed response for the past 18 years, have witnessed some incredible leadership.  I am proud of my Force.

I had to lie a little when I was so young however, when attending a domestic, “What do you know about it?” Some guy would shout at my pale spotty face.  “Well I’m going through a divorce at the moment, so I know it’s not easy with a child as well”.  Naughty?  A little maybe, but it got me through.

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