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Join the police for fast cars and canapes

‘Dear Chief Constable.  I would like to join the police.  Can you let me know when and how I can please?  Thank you, Harry’.

Maybe a little too frank and to the point and lacking some descriptive content, but it’s the best I could do at the age of 10 years old just after I visited Newquay Police Station open day. I received a letter from an inspector in reply, and although I don’t think I still have it, the words I remember.  They were welcoming words, saying how Devon and Cornwall Police looked forward to seeing my application when I was 19 years old.  My career plan was set.  In school I accomplished 6 O’levels mostly grade c and a touch typing certificate.  I applied to join the Police when I was 19… and was rejected.

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Mental Health – It could be you

I’ve been on many a multi storey car park and on many a high bridge, talking to the lost souls who have ran out of ideas and need to end it all.  I have made a bond with most, and have held their hand as they step gingerly back over the rail, and I have seen one fall after making that bond. I have heard the sound as the body impact below.  I have felt the guilt that I failed.  I have been in that home with a crying mother and a wrecked home, by a tenager she can no longer control, and I see the demons which possess the mind of that so innocent child, and I run out of ideas as to what to say to her.

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