Armed Response Sergeant in D&C Police
Operational Firearms Commander
Firearms Tactics Advisor
VIP Protection Officer
Senior Investigating Officer in Serious and Fatal Road Traffic Collisions
Pursuit Tactics Advisor
Dad was a Spitfire Pilot!
I’m pretty blunt.
Twitter account @DC_ARVSgt


5 thoughts on “About

  1. A touching and sobering story.
    Always wanted to do that job, accident investigation.
    To bring answers to questions that may never have been answered.
    Respect to you and all officers involved in these sad events.

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  2. My heart goes out to you and all who do your job. You are truly the second victim in every tragedy that you respond to. I hope that you have someone who is committed to caring for YOU the way you care for others.

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  3. Isolation is the greatest contributer to depression. PTSD is more common than we realise. Death is something that is not discussed and “should be preventable”. I am no stranger to death and my first was the most traumatic I have experienced. Not being able to debrief in a safe space is unhealthy on many levels. Our society is depersonalising everything. We need to follow protocols and tick boxes. There is no room to care about people and we need something to focus our frustration on. We cannot stop caring because the people we care for need us. They are the victims of the system. It is difficult to work in a job where 99% of people are behaving badly. It is the 1% that you need to wrap yourself in. Everyone of my clients will die. I can choose to focus on their life and enjoy the living relationship we have or I can choose to focus on their death robbing them of their quality of life. I choose life against all odds.


  4. Sergeant,
    Whatis your position on private persons using lawfully held guns to protect themselves as individuals and against terrorists?


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