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Police/Twitter, where are we now?

I fell into twitter.  I had started an account in 2009 to stalk formula one drivers because I realised you get emotion, you saw them in their leisure time, you got to know their thinking, you saw photos, all of which wouldn’t necessarily have been released by their media team.  Occasionally some scandal was created by a tweet from a disgruntled driver, how exciting!

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In the Summertime, when the weather is fine…

What is it which makes policing so different to other occupations?  What makes that something which runs through your veins and sends excitement through every pore when it’s most unexpected.  It’s the feeling of wondering into the dark on your own with just your wits and your uniform as your primary protection shield.  It’s the fact that you are one tiny part of a huge support network that will come rushing to your aid when called for, and that support is something that not only you know, but they out there know.

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Should the Police listen to the critics?

I said to my plumber the other day, ‘mate, you really shouldn’t be doing it like that, why don’t you use a 22mm pipe for that, not a 15mm pipe?’  That was before I pulled up the reporter saying, ‘Hey, you should be using less adjectives to give your text more form’, and I’m sure the road worker appreciated me stopping my car and pulling the back of his trousers up, advising him, ‘There you go, keep the chill out old boy, and not sure you have used enough tarmac there either’.

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